Ian Dunstan | Dunstan Civil Dunstan Civil Pty Ltd is an earthmoving and civil construction company based in Wangaratta, North East Victoria, Australia. Director Ian Dunstan is well-known in the civil construction industry for having completed major communication, mining, drilling and civil contracts throughout Australia over the last 25 years as Managing Director with his previous company Dunstans Construction, a family business started in the 1950s by his grandfather. Ian’s knowledge and passion for solar, telecommunications, rail and civil works resulted in the formation of Dunstan Civil Pty Ltd. The company is purely focused on providing a quality team with knowledge and enthusiasm to the civil construction industry. Ian believes that like any relationship that lasts, creating win/win situations with our strategic partners is of the utmost importance.  
Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Contracting   

State-of-the-art equipment

Our investment in first class earthmoving plant and machinery is handled expertly by the best team in the business
Ian Dunstan | Dunstan Civil   

Decades of construction experience

Ian Dunstan’s track record includes 25+ years of experience managing multi-million dollar civil projects around Australia
Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Contractors   

Health, Safety and Environment

We highly value the ongoing development and improvement of our Health, Safety and Environment outcomes.