Capabilities: Solar

Dunstan Civil is excited to be part of the new solar energy sector. We specialise in all civil, bulk earthworks and cable trenching activities with our state-of-the-art equipment and personnel.
Dunstan Civil Pty Ltd - Earthmoving and Civil Contracting
Dunstan Civil has been a major part of some of Australia’s largest solar farms with great success. We have continued to grow and expand our solar operation to cover all states.

Gannawarra Solar Farm, Kerang VIC

RCR Infrastructure were engaged by Edify Energy to develop the first large scale solar project in Victoria under an Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) and Operations and Maintenance Contract. It was developed on a 132 ha site on the outskirts of Kerang. The 50 MWac plant consists of a single axis tracking system and monocrystalline modules.
Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Contracting
Dunstan Civil was contracted by RCR to perform all civil works, earthmoving and cable trenching works over the 10 month build. Dunstan Civil constructed the two entrances with all pipe and drainage works. We then constructed all site roads and laydown pads.

Once all the posts had been installed Dunstan Civil began the technical task of trenching beside the posts to install the multiple runs of electrical cables. A purpose built sand dispenser was used to lay a 50mm sand bed for the cable to lay on. Dunstan Civil completed the backfill of all trenches to finalise and complete the project.

Dunstan Civil performed all activities with no Lost Time Injuries and received excellent reviews from owner Edify Energy.

  • Project cost: $80m
  • Duration: 10mths
  • Size: 132ha

Daydream & Hayman Solar Farm, Collinsville, Nth QLD

Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Contracting
The success of the Gannawarra project led RCR Infrastructure to sole-source Dunstan Civil for the construction of one of the world’s largest solar farms in North Queensland. The Daydream & Hayman solar site was developed over 650ha on the outskirts of Collinsville and has more than 2 million photovoltaic cells producing 200MWac.

Dunstan Civil was contracted to perform all road-building, tree-clearing and mulching, complex substation earth pad construction, plus the necessary cut and fill earthworks to achieve the level ground required to accommodate the single axis solar tracking system.

The power generated from the combined Daydream & Hayman site is expected to offset 476,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually and generate enough power for approximately 73,000 homes.

  • Project cost: $315m
  • Duration: 12mths
  • Size: 650ha

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