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Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Construction

With over 30 years experience in Fibre Optic Cable (FOC) installation and network construction, Ian Dunstan brings all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to this dynamic market.

With major growth and changes in data capture and high speed networks, Dunstan Civil provides all the necessary skill sets to meet this new demand.

Ian and his team have travelled across Australia installing fibre optic to Inter Exchange Networks throughout many remote communities, such as Marble Bar and Telfer in Western Australia. Dunstan Civil will continue to provide state of the art equipment, quality and dedicated operators to the telecommunications industry.

Telfer Gold Mine FOC Install

Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Construction

In 2006, Ian Dunstan led the team that laid approximately 380km of Fibre Optic Cable (FOC) for telecommunications from Pardoo Roadhouse to Telfer Gold Mine in far north Western Australia.

The installation method involved pre-ripping with a D9 bulldozer and installing the cable with a zero tension plough. Excavators followed to install jointing pits and close up the existing trench and restore the area to the natural state. The jointing team spliced the fibres into enclosures for testing and finalisation.

The project began at the Telfer gold mine and traversed remote bushland towards the coast across large soft sand dunes, rivers, rocks and steep inclines. Negotiating this terrain with our vehicles, caravans and personnel was a constant daily challenge.

  • Project cost: $5m
  • Duration: 8mths
  • Distance: 380km

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