About Us

Dunstan Civil Pty Ltd is an earthmoving and civil construction company based in Wangaratta, North East Victoria, Australia. We bring an experienced team with knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment. The majority of our projects are on major solar, telecommunications, rail and civil works, giving our employees great opportunities for their future.

Company values

  • Present and act professionally at all times
  • Always act with honesty and integrity
  • Listen politely – understand everyone’s point of view
  • Challenge respectfully – search for improvements and new ideas
  • Communicate openly and frequently
  • Learn from past experiences
  • Recognise achievements and celebrate success
  • Take pride in our work

Ian Dunstan

Director Ian Dunstan is well-known in the civil construction industry for having completed major communication, mining, drilling and civil contracts throughout Australia over the last 25 years as Managing Director with his previous company Dunstans Construction, a family business started in the 1950s by his grandfather.

The Dunstan Civil Story

Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Contracting


The long history of Dunstans began in 1951 when Ian’s grandfather George Dunstan and father Ray Dunstan formed the company in Wangaratta, Victoria.

Starting as a redgum saw milling and logging business, George and Ray bought their first construction equipment to advance their saw milling operations, but soon realised that the equipment was also useful for civil projects such as dam construction, road building and land clearing.


Dunstans worked tirelessly during this period, logging and saw milling to provide timber to meet the huge demands of the fast-growing Melbourne housing market. Their reputation for quality and capability developed further as each year passed and more and more projects and contracts were successfully completed. Most of the work was in Victoria’s north-east, near their Wangaratta base.
Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Contracting


In the 1980s Dunstans began working for Telstra, with the relationship spanning 25 years installing fibre-optic cable Australia-wide.

After the Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983, Dunstans Wangaratta were contracted to remove large redgum trees overhanging powerlines along the Murrumbidgee river in New South Wales. Ian and his father Ray spent 7 years living away and working from Wagga Wagga to Hay.

The company began to invest heavily in technology, processes and machinery as their capabilities grew further.


Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Contracting
By the time Ian and brother Murray took over the business in the early 1990s, the demands of civil projects had grown to exceed that of red gum saw milling, and the company closed down its milling operations to focus on meeting that demand.

In 2006 Dunstans were awarded a 400km Optic fibre installation contract for the Telfer Gold Mine in remote Western Australia, cementing their place as a truly national company with a proven capability.

Ian and his team spent 6 months working in some of Australia’s harshest remote conditions travelling through the Great Sandy Desert along the rabbit-proof fence, avoiding wild camel herds whilst living in mobile caravans. The project was a great success and the team recognised this as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Dunstan Civil – a new force

Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Contracting
With Ian Dunstan establishing Dunstan Civil, the company has emerged as a new and exciting force in the ever-changing civil market. Operating in all states of Australia, Ian’s passion for the industry is obvious as he thoroughly enjoys the challenges and successes that come from working in remote locations.

Dunstan Civil have also received overseas opportunities, mainly for remote telecommunications projects, which the company specialises in.

Dunstan Civil will be a major force in the Energy, Telecommunications and Utility markets. Telecommunications has always been a large part of Ian’s life with him winning and constructing some major long haul projects during his past 30 years.

Dunstan Civil comes from very strong lineage spanning 3 generations. We encourage our teams to always enjoy the actual journey as much as getting to the destination – the process can be more fun than the outcome.