Health, Safety & Environment


Our intention is to maintain the highest level of quality at the lowest practicable cost as expected by our customers. We achieve this by valuing our customers, our people and our reputation and it is the prime responsibility of all our employees.

To guarantee our intention, Dunstan Civil Pty Ltd:

  • Understands and meets our customer needs and expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction;
  • Complies with all regulatory, corporate, business and customer requirements as well as relevant Australian and International standards;
  • Ensures business objectives and performance requirements are consistently measured, monitored, analysed and improved;
  • Ensures the integrity of our business processes and maintain good professional practice, to allow us to preserve our reputation;
  • Works with our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that they understand and align with our quality objectives;
  • Encourages all our staff to achieve their full potential by providing them with professional development opportunities;
  • Maintains a high degree of quality awareness through communication and training.

Management and staff of Dunstan Civil are committed to improving business outcomes by effectively monitoring, maintaining and improving business processes. All staff are encouraged to contribute to a continuous improvement environment.
Dunstan Civil Earthmoving and Civil Construction

Health and Safety

Dunstan Civil is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, subcontractors, stakeholders, visitors and the general public.

In meeting this commitment Dunstan Civil:

  • Complies with all legislative requirements;
  • Continually reviews and improves our safety management systems;
  • Partners with contractors and clients with similar health and safety standards and values;
  • Complies with all relevant industry standards and regulatory requirements;
  • Provides and maintains a safe work environment, plant and equipment;
  • Identifies and reduces the risks of all types of work activities that have potential to produce personal injury or occupational illness;
  • Provides instruction, training and supervision to enable all employees to perform their duties safely;
  • Involves employees in workplace health and safety matters and consult with them on ways to recognise, evaluate and control workplace hazards;
  • Ensures that all employees are competent and have appropriate accountabilities and responsibilities;


  • Is primarily responsible for the safety of employees;
  • Takes a lead role in promoting and implementing safety in the workplace;
  • Takes a personal interest in maintaining safe working conditions.


  • Implement controls as per policies, procedures or other safety instructions;
  • Report or rectify any unsafe conditions that come to their attention and stop work if there is a perceived risk to the life, health or safety of individuals in the workplace;
  • Actively participate in the development of safe work practices.


Dunstan Civil strives to undertake all our operations in an environmentally responsible manner so as to achieve our moral and community obligations and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. Our operations are carefully planned and executed in order to minimise impact on the environment.

Staff are made aware of their environmental responsibility through procedures and training. They are trained to minimise effects on the environment during their everyday work activities. All processes and actions performed are continually monitored and refined so as to improve their effectiveness.